Monthly Archives: July 2010

Save Our Sanctuary

Meet Sox. He was abandoned at a pub with his mum, two brothers and one sister. Thankfully, we found them and they are now growing healthily in the loving car of some of our cat fosterers. However, everything could have turned out much worse for them…

This is a difficult time for us at the Society for Abandoned Animals. Not only are we having to cope with a much higher demand for places for unwanted or abandoned cats and rabbits, we have the added difficulty of a reduction in charitable donations.

The Society does not receive any special funding what-so-ever! Every penny we have has come from the generous donations of animal lovers near and far. But now, in the light of the economic downturn, people are no longer donating as they once have.

This has now left us in a state of emergency as detailed on the ‘S.O.S’ page.

We put out a press release entitled ‘Animal Sanctuary Faces Closure!’ which was taken up by a number of local media outlets, The BBC  & The Messenger  being just a few. The response, so far, has been fantastic!

However, the fight is not over yet. We still need help in order to remain open! If any of you can help us then please visit or click on our logo at the top of the page to be taken to our official website.

By making a donation you are helping to save the lives of hundreds if not thousands of innocent animals like Sox. 


Hello world!

Hello and welcome to the brand-spanking-new blog zone of the Society for Abandoned Animals, Manchester, UK. Please see our ‘About’ page for more information on us and the work we do.

As this site is so new, we would appreciate your patience whilst we get up and running properly. In a short while you can expect to see animal profiles, information on animal welfare, our success stories, special appeals and more on this very page. We should be up and running very soon.

Thank you.