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A Rose By Any Other Name…

A rose by any other name smells just as sweet, and still has thorns so it seems. Here at the SAA we dont discriminate against some of the more…moody animals in need of good homes. One such animal is our cat Mia-Rose.

She is a beautiful torti cat who really does live up to her name. While she is one of the most beautiful cats I have seen with a very expressive face and distinctive markings, she can be a bit of a hell-cat.  It didnt take her long to work up a reputation!

Found living behind the dumpsters of a large shopping mall in one of the worst winters the UK has ever seen, it was obvious she needed help. Being unable to fend for herself had left her skinny and bedraggled but still she kept going. Eventually one of our devoted cat fosterers managed to coax her into a carrier and rescue her from her had life. Did she thank us for it? well, not much!

Still, with the start to life she has had, who can blame her for being a bit grouchy? It is obvious to us that she has been mistreated as she likes everything to be on her terms. She is, however, very much an attention seeker and will sit at the door to her pen a beg for attention. She loves nothing more than to sit on a nice warm lap and providing you keep your hands to yourself she can doze there for hours! Stroking is the difficult thing, unfortunately. There has definitely been some event in her life that has led her to equate hands with pain as she is very quick to defend herself from even the most gental of strokes.

Still, our thorny Rose is still in as much need of a loving home as any of our other cats. She would suit someone living on their own or perhaps a couple that would like to have a cat around the house but who arent wanting to fuss the poor girl all the time. Someone who would not be put off by the odd slash of claws and hissing insults. Someone who has the time and the patience to devote to a cat who so desperately needs a loving home.

If you feel like you are that person then please contact us so we can discuss her condition further. We are desperate to not only find a home for her but to find THE home for her. It is out there somewhere


A Grand Day Out!

Yesterday saw in this years ‘Family Fun Day’ here at the Society for Abandoned Animals and what a day it was! Kids games to be played, prizes to be won, food to be eaten and bargains galore to be had!! Thanks to the great publicity we have been getting through our ‘Save Our Sanctuary’ campaign, this was our busiest event day ever!

Over 1’000 people came to join us and do what they could to help us out of this crisis and at the same time enjoy themselves immensely! The event, which had load of really cool games and attractions for kids including pony rides and face painting, also catered for adults who wanted to have a short break from the buzz of the event with a manicure bar and head/hand massage station complete with aromatherapy candles and soothing music. Dads were catered for too with a putting green and a bottle tombolla with the star prize being a bottle of scotch whiskey.

The animals were of course a real draw for people and all of our wonderful cats and rabbits will benefit from the ‘buy a dinner’ stands we ran in each unit where kind and generous people could buy an animals breakfast, lunch or dinner for £1 and be entered for free into a prize draw to win a cat/rabbit hamper.

Many of our animal were reserved at the event and will hopefully be going off to their new homes just as soon as we can perform a home check.