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Getting In Training For A Wonderful Walk

 Meet Rocky! He’s a loveable-but-large dog with a very big heart! He has decided to put on his walking lead and join in on our sponsored walk coming up on Sunday 10th October here at The Society for Abandoned Animals.

In preparation for the big event, Rocky has been hard at work training for the grueling 5KM walk around the river Mersey and surrounding countryside.  It’s no easy task for a sofa-loving, tv-addict dog who let’s face it, is slightly on the large side! Time at his local doggy gym means he is on his way to a fab new level of fitness!!

“I never thought it would be this hard!” Rocky told us today in an interview with our animal care staff, “I’ve had to get a note from the vet to say I’m fit to participate and my personal trainer is making sure I hit all the right milestones!”

When asked what his motivation for joining the walk was he replied “I have great respect for all at the Society for Abandoned Animals, they all do a fantastic job for all the animals there. It’s such a shame that they are struggling to stay afloat in these difficult times.

“I want to do my bit to help and so I’m dragging myself up out of my doggy bed and getting walking! I know how hard this can be so I would like anyone who does not want to do the walk, or anyone who lives too far away, to sponsor me through my JustGiving page. My target is £1000.00. Oh I hope I manage it!”


Run Rabbit Run

In the past month the Society for Abandoned Animals have rehomed something in the region of 27 cats to new loving forever homes. As for the rabbits…well, we rehomed 5. That’s FANTASTIC for those 5 bunnies but c’mon guys! Rabbits are just as cool as cats!! Honestly.

Keeping rabbits as pets has seemingly been the realm of children for a long time now. A child would beg its parent to buy the creepy white rabbit with red eyes which, along with the cheapest hutch money can buy, is put in a sunny spot in the back garden to look after itself. Why this became the trend I do not know.

Rabbits are complicated, yet rewarding animals to keep as pets. To get respect and companionship from a rabbit takes effort and when you receive those first appreciative nudges or even a lick, it will feel like such an achievement! They need a hutch that is big enough for their individual size (the bigger the better I say) in a shaded and sheltered spot, the correct type and amount of food, the correct greens as some types of fruit and veg are very bad for rabbits and lots of different toys to keep them entertained!

Having said all that, once you get the correct setup it all simply slots into place and you will have yourself the makings of a perfect rabbit home! Now comes the really difficult part! Choosing your bunny!

There are now lots of rabbit rescue centres around the UK and we are always full at the Society for Abandoned Animals. We have rabbits that would suit most different types of family from ones that are used to being handled and would be good with children, to ones that act much like wild rabbits and would benefit from experienced owners. We also have some requiring ongoing medical treatment that would need very patient and experienced homes.

Above all else the rabbit needs to choose you. Each rabbit has its own personality, likes and dislikes and we discuss all of these with potential adopters. SO! If you think you could give a rabbit a much needed home then please come down for a look. alternatively, if you can provide a home but can make a much needed donation then please visit our ‘just giving’ page below.

Thank you for reading