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Friendly Familiar Seeks Wonderful Witch.

Meet Fluffy. Yeah, we know, not the best name for a witches cat but hey, we all have things in life we don’t like. Fluffy sure does make up for his names lack of ferocity with sheer brutish good looks.

At 8 years old he is a seasoned spellcaster and has had his fair share of near misses with disappearing tricks and escapology. His magic is truly tangible when you look at him, his eyes seem capable of looking right into your very soul! his silky soft fur is as black as night from nose to tail giving him the looks of a panther stalking through the undergrowth. This panther can truly cast spells however as he can go from slinky stalker to purring pussycat the moment he meets a friendly face.

Coming from a life on the streets he is tired of having to steal a living from unsuspecting mortals. He is a bewitching bachelor who needs a good family to show him that you do not need spells, potions and hexes to feel loved. If you think your house of horrors can contain such a devilishly handsome creature of the night then please call us on (uk) 0161 973 5318 or e-mail us at

Happy Halloween!!!


Rocking The Charity Vibe…

…All night long!!!

Theres nothing like a bit of rock music to loosen up your soul and transport you to a place where anything is possible, especially if you have a motorbike. Well, now rock music is doing its small part to help out abandoned and unwanted animals in Sale and beyond.

A gig made up of unsigned and local rock bands (plus some other genres) is being held in aid of The Society For Abandoned Animals at ‘The Lively Lobster’ in Sale on Thursday 28th October, 8 PM. Tickets are just £3 and can be purchased direct from the SAA or at the door on the night. It promises to be a fun night out no matter your music tastes.

Join us for a few and have a blast rocking out for the animals!

In other news, its been really busy down at the Society recently, with lots of people welcoming new animals into their lives. Many of our kittens have been rehomed to excited new owners and a good number of our rabbits have found new owners and new rabbit-friends to live with in fantastic new forever homes.

Check out our twitter feed for near-daily updates on sanctuary goings on.

Time To Celebrate!

Three months ago, the Society for Abandoned Animals faced closure due to a lack of funds. Recent years have been difficult for everyone and so with people finding it harder and harder to make ends meet, it’s not surprising that people have little to give to charities. To fight back against this we launched our ‘Save Our Sanctuary’ campaign (previous posts here and here). This campaign featured appeal, events, newspaper reports, radio slots and even a tv interview on the regional BBC news.our target was to raise £50’000 in 3 months.

It is with great pleasure that we can no announce that we have not only reached our target but we have smashed through it!!!

We owe everyone who has donated to us in this time a massive thankyou as you have helped to safeguard the futures of all of our animals and the animals that are still out there waiting for new homes. Without you we wouldnt be here right now.

The fight is far from ever however. We still need people to give as much as they can to ensure our future and therefore the futures of all of our animals. If you are in any way able to help, be it with a financial donation, donation of goods, your time as a volunteer or with any offers of work from tradespeople, we will be very grateful to hear from you. Also, if you have any ideas for fundraising events then please call in and speak to our general manager.

Take a look at our contact page for ways of getting in touch or click on our logo at the top of this page for further information from our website.

Walkies By The Water

Well, who would have believed that the sun could shine so bright on an october day in Manchester? But shine it did, all day long over the fantastic people taking part in the sponsored walk at the Society for Abandoned Animals.

The day went fantastically with so many people turning up to take part. The 2nd hand sale and refreshment stand did well with the first sale of the day being an 80’s style floral sun lounger!! The day kicked off at 10:30 with the first groups leaving on their 5k journey, many with dogs of all shapes and sizes in tow!

Rocky, the sanctuary dog also took part, setting out after the main group of people left.

“I decided to spend the morning meeting and greeting my fellow walkers,” Rocky told us before he set out on his walkies, “Afterall, I have become an internet celebrity!”

Everyone taking part was obviously trying to raise as much money as possible for the SAA and we have a fantastic way of saying ‘thank you’. The prize for the top fundraiser comes in the shape of an experience day for two with choices ranging from indoor skydiving to a luxury pamper session.

The winner will be announced when all sponsorship money is collected in a few days. The total donations made on the day will also be announced once all the monies are counted and verified.

Stay tuned for the final result!

Marci Fights Back!!

Rocky, the sanctuary dog, really has been putting himself through a harsh training routine at the gym. It has been discovered that his is now developed his training plan to include other fitness regimes! Our reporters found him hard at work at a Pilates class, working on toning all the necessary muscles ready for his long walkies next sunday!!

“It’s really helped to take the edge off the training.” Rocky told us as he took a break for a bowl of water, “All that running and jogging is really run but I do get tired, I prefer a low impact exercise routine. Pilates is great for that.”

We asked his personal trainer how Rocky’s training was really progressing. “He’s doing really well. He is such a good boy! I have devised a very intensive workout plan for him and as long as he gets a doggy-treat after every session he works really hard!

“There has only really been one incident which I would like to clarify before the press gets a hold of the story. Rocky had been hard at training for most of the afternoon one day last week, its was very hot in the gym so he had quite a bit to drink. Towards the end of the session he started fighting and whimpering and before I could take him outside he…well… relieved himself of a potted plant.”

“I was so ashamed of myself, I really hope it does not affect the amount of sponsorship I’m gaining for the Society for Abandoned Animals” Rocky told us as he gave us the puppy-dog-eyes. You can still sponsor Rocky at

Meanwhile, our sources tel of a bit of rivalry building up between Rocky and a rival sanctuary animal, Marci the cat! Our reporters managed to catch up to Marci so she could talk us through her preparations for the big walk!

“It’s so unfair that Rocky has had so much time to prepare for the big walk! Why was he told about this over a week ago and I have only just heard now?” Marci hissed to our reporter, “He’s a DOG! Why does he need training? He goes out on walks twice a day!! It’s not like I don’t want to help out the good people at The Society for Abandoned Animals. They rescued me from a fate worse than death!

“Luckily I have been able to get access to a private gym where I can train myself for the walk on my own! I’m a cat! I don’t need a human standing there feeding me treats in order for me to do something! I, unlike Rocky, do not take bribes!!”

It is obvious there is a fierce rivalry between these two sanctuary animals however both are united in their belief that helping to raise money for the Society for Abandoned Animals is a good thing for everyone to be doing!


It has just been announced by representatives of The Society for Abandoned Animals that the person who raises the most money for the big 2010 sponsored walk will receive the grand prize!! An Experience Day for two people!!!! You chose the activity, the day and the place and you will be having the experience of a lifetime!!!! So get fundraising!!!!

(see for further details or contact us on

It’s Raining Cats….

Thanks to quite a few contributing factors, the past few months have seen a rise in the number of people contacting the society for abandoned animals looking to rehome their cats. Reasons stretch from the heart breaking to the down-right moronic (tho the latter is a minority). The buz word of the moment, however, is KITTEN!!

There seems to be an even bigger supply of kittens coming available while the demand for mildly neurotic cute  bundles of fur and claws has dwindled. Why? People are not neutering their young adult cats.

To give you an idea of the scale of our problem we have received 31 abandoned kittens since we activated our emergency appeal. These kittens have all been left literally on our doorstep, many times overnight in the wet and the cold of our wonderful british weather. This num,ber does not included the relevant mum-cats and any adult cats that have been left with us anonymously.

What people don’t seem to realise is that cat carry boxes (especially the cardboard carriers) are not escape proof. A clever and scared cat can use its paws to desperately claw at the door catches and free itself. Escape is even easier when left in a cardboard box which then goes soggy in the rain. After these cats escape from the horror of the situation they have found themselves in they are simply left up to their own devices unless the staff and volunteers at the sanctuary can locate them. We are situated between a river, canal and motorway. Not the best location for a terrified animal.

Please, think about the consequences of non neutering your cats! A young female cat gains no real benefit from being allowed to have a litter of kittens. All this does is put more poor defenceless creatures into a world overpopulated with stray and feral cats.

If you would like to help us with tis problem then please feel free to contact us on , donate at or simply talk to your friends and neighbours about the importance of neutering their cats. There is help available from various organisations with the cost of the procedure.