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Cat Of The Week ~Lucy~

This little tortoiseshell cat appeared on site one day hiding in a small kennel belonging to our feral cat Lucy. As this newcomer ran straight up to one of our animal care staff, it was obvious she wasn’t a feral and so we took her in and gave her her first meal in what must have been a while. After swallowing down her food like her mouth wasn’t quite big enough she settled down and finally started to relax with us.

Lucy was very bedraggled and half-starved with her spine and ribs sticking out alarmingly. Over the two weeks she spent in our quarantine unit she got used to the fact that she would be getting meals twice a day and that she would never need to search for a safe and warm place to sleep again. She has been given a clean bill of health by our vet and has been fully vaccinated.

Like many rescue animals, Lucy has obviously been through a tough time and her current behaviour reflects that. While she is normally a very calm cat, loving a stroke and a gentle groom, she objects strongly to being picked up and is liable to bite. This means that we are currently looking for a home with no young children who may be tempted to handle her a little more that she would like.

This behaviour is purely defensive and is a reaction to what she feels is a threat. With time and patience she will bond with new owners and eventually will learn to trust them enough to pick her up. Untill then she will still make a fantastic addition to any quiet household where her personality can break through her defensive shell.


Gearing Up For Festive Fundraising

This week the Society for Abandoned Animals made the front page of the local newspaper with news of its next fundraising event. The Christmas Fair, held on Saturday November 27th at St Mathews church hall in Stretford, promises to be a fantastic day out for one and all!

The event which has been organised by our dedicated team of fundraising volunteers holds games, attractions and goodies galore. The Chinese Auction and Bottle Tombolla are always big crowd pleasers and never fail to disappoint! All proceeds from our stalls and attractions go directly to benefit our animals who are, as always, the driving force behind all of our efforts to keep the SAA going.

Local newspapers the Sale and Altrincham Messenger and the Stretford and Urmston Messenger have once again shown their support by rallying their readers in support of our cause. A link to their article will be published as soon as it comes available on their website. Without this support from the Messenger group we would not have been able to reach our £50,000 target during our emergency appeal. For their support we are eternally grateful.

All of us at the Society for Abandoned Animals would like to extend a heartfelt invitation to come and join us to celebrate the approach of christmas and show their support for this much-loved charity and help to provide a safe haven for all of our cats and rabbits.

Rabbit Of The Week! ~ Pippi ~

This is Pippi, a beautiful young rabbit who is desperately in need of an experienced rabbit home where she can live on her own as an indoor rabbit. Pippi was initially brought in to us a few months ago as a stray. She was found with another rabbit Pixie but unfortunately the two rabbits started to fight so we had to separate them.

While Pixie has found a fantastic new home as an indoor rabbit, Pippi has been struggling for quite some time. In the past we have tried to bond Pippi with neutered male rabbits but bonds have so far been unsuccessful. If a very experienced rabbit owner and one that has performed bondings before can try a very long-term bonding programme it may work but unfortunately we at the Society for Abandoned Animals cannot offer her that at this point. We are therefore looking for a home for her where she can live as a single house rabbit.

Pippi does have an ongoing medical condition which any prospective owners would need to be fully prepared to take on. She has permanently blocked tear ducts which means that the water from her eyes has no way of draining away and so her ‘tears’ fall down her face causing her skin to become sore. While Pippi is not on any long term treatment for this she may from time to time require pain medication or antibiotic eye drops to help her reaction calm down. Attempts at un-blocking her tear ducts have been unsuccessful.

Despite this Pippi is a fantastic little rabbit. Her tri-coloured coat is in fantastic condition and her teeth are being maintained by a diet of hay, fresh grass, dried grass and fresh greens. While she does not like being handled very much she is very curious and will come up to you to see what it is you are doing. Her reaction to being handled should calm down once she is in a stable home where she can bond with her new owners. She is a very clean rabbit and almost exclusively uses her litter tray, except for the odd dropping scattered here and there.

If you think you could offer Pippi the home that she needs please contact the Society for Abandoned Animals on (UK) 0161 973 5318 or at stating that you read about her on the SAA Blog Zone.

Thank you.

Cat Of The Week! ~ Gizmo ~

When Gizmo’s owner sadly passed away she was left without anyone to care for her. fortunately for her she was brought into the Society for Abandoned Animals before she could wander off or worse. It’s clear that the loss of her owner has affected her profoundly, her behaviour clearly shows how nervous she is of strangers.

This nervousness should not put people off adopting her however, as she would probably bond very well with new owners. All she needs is a little patience, understanding and stability. Once she is in a suitable home and having regular consistent contact with a few owners she will undoubtedly come out of her shell and display a personality dazzling enough to do justice to her stunning looks.

Gizmo is a long haired female tabby who would need regular grooming to help keep her coat at its best. With a little love and kindness she would bring so much affection to her new owners. A rescue cat is one of the most rewarding pets to have, the day the cat learns that it can trust you and forget all the trouble that has occurred in its past is one of the best experiences you can have.

The Society for Abandoned Animals is looking for a home within one hours driving distance of Manchester (UK) that is away from any busy roads. If you feel you can give Gizmo the home that she needs please contact us on 0161 973 5318 or for further information. On enquiry please mention this blog. Thank you.

Home At Last!

A while ago we told the story of Rose, our long-stay cat who was finding it difficult to find a new home (previous post here). We know very little about her past, she was found living rough arount the Stretford Arndale. She was painfully skinny and obviously not taking care of herslef during one of the worst winters in UK history. She was finally caught and taken in by one of our members of staff who helped to nurse her back to full health.

Rose was admitted into our re-homing centre last february and has remained with us ever since. From the begining her behaviour was very unpredictable, she was usually seen sitting at the door of her pen meowing loudly for attention, however once someone went into her pen, if they did anything other than allow her to sit on their lap she would bite and scratch.

Our dedicated staff and volunteer cat socialisers spent a lot of time working with her, trying to show her that people could be trusted and that she didnt have to be n guard all of the time. Even when she seemed to be dozing on someomes lap she was tense. It was as if she felt she had to constantly be ready for an attack of some kind.

As the months rolled by and countless other cats came and went, she remained. Various attempts at helping her cope with her environment were made including the use of homeopathic remidies and reiki sessions.  Our options were begining to run out.

Then, despite all of Rose’s behavioural quirks, a visitor came to the sanctuary asking to view her. Her profile had been discovered on our official website ( and they believed that their home would be a match for Rose and her unusual disposition! With crossed fingers and quiet hopes, our staff and volunteers watched as the prospective new owners met her, stroked her, allowed her to sit on their laps and most importantly, were not put off when she became angry at being stroked and had a bit of a bite!

We had managed the most unlikly! We had found the perfect home! No young children, away from any busy roads, lots of space for her to carve out her own territory! It was absolutly puuurrrr-fect!

Everyone at the Society for Abandoned Animals would like to wish her a happy and peacefull future in her new home with her new family. With the concistancy provided by a loving family we hope she can learn to forget the demons from her past and learn to relax into her new life.