Cat Of The Week! ~ Gizmo ~

When Gizmo’s owner sadly passed away she was left without anyone to care for her. fortunately for her she was brought into the Society for Abandoned Animals before she could wander off or worse. It’s clear that the loss of her owner has affected her profoundly, her behaviour clearly shows how nervous she is of strangers.

This nervousness should not put people off adopting her however, as she would probably bond very well with new owners. All she needs is a little patience, understanding and stability. Once she is in a suitable home and having regular consistent contact with a few owners she will undoubtedly come out of her shell and display a personality dazzling enough to do justice to her stunning looks.

Gizmo is a long haired female tabby who would need regular grooming to help keep her coat at its best. With a little love and kindness she would bring so much affection to her new owners. A rescue cat is one of the most rewarding pets to have, the day the cat learns that it can trust you and forget all the trouble that has occurred in its past is one of the best experiences you can have.

The Society for Abandoned Animals is looking for a home within one hours driving distance of Manchester (UK) that is away from any busy roads. If you feel you can give Gizmo the home that she needs please contact us on 0161 973 5318 or for further information. On enquiry please mention this blog. Thank you.


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