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Josephine’s Christmas Miracle

 Meet Josephine.

She may look a little rough around the edges but she’s such an adorable little cat. She was brought in to the Society for Abandoned Animals because her owners were moving house and couldn’t take her with them. She soon settled in here though and became a fast favorite among staff and volunteers alike.

Like many of the animals brought into us, Josephine soon began to show behaviours that we feared could hinder the homing process. It became apparent that she was not fully litter trained and for an elderly cat, toileting troubles are difficult to correct. We tried providing her with a covered litter tray, with multiple types of litter, we even tried giving her earth in her litter tray to see if she was wishing she could go outside. Nothing worked. We were sure at that point she was in for a long stint.

Then, christmas eve came and along with it a very special christmas miracle that reminds us all of the magic of this time of year.

A couple arrived at the sanctuary with a fantastic haul of food treats and toys to share amongst our cats for christmas. They were so generous, we were incredibly grateful. It’s not every day that people will go out and spend their hard-earned cash on animals that they have no responsibility over. To say thank you not only for the gifts but for taking the time to make their way down our treacherously icy access road we took them on a tour of our cat unit to show them some of the cats that would be benefiting from their generosity.

The moment they saw Josephine it was love at first sight.

They were fully briefed on her difficulties by one of our cat volunteers and when asked if they thought they could cope with a cat like her they simply smiled knowingly. It turned out that they were repeat visitors and had previously adopted cats from us, one of which had exactly the same kinds of difficulties as our lovely Josephine! As they were currently without any feline housemates, their previously adopted companions having passed of old age safe in the knowledge that they had a fantastic life, they decided there and then that they would give little old Josephine the best christmas present any pet could ever ask for. A safe and loving home.

This is one story with a very happy ending but unfortunately it does not always turn out like this. The animals that make it into the nations rehoming shelters are the lucky ones. A vast majority of unwanted animals are left to fend for themselves even in such harsh conditions as these. The only ay of helping these animals is to support your local rehoming shelters and help them to help as many animals as they possibly can.

With your help we can save the lives of cats like Josephine and many more besides. Please click through to our donations page and give as much as you can this christmas to help the cold and hungry unwanted and unloved animals of the north west and beyond.


All I Want For Christmas….

Christmas time is busy time of year for everyone (whether you believe in Santa or not). A time of hope for the future, good will and (as any self respecting 7 year old will tell you) presents!! Topping almost every childs christmas list at some point in their lives is the inevitable “I want a pony/puppy/kitten/bunny” quickly followed by the equally inevitable grimace from the adults. The giving of pets at christmas has been a socially acceptable thing for many years which has resulted in a lot of animals being bought on a whim without proper consideration beforehand.

Some animals do find themselves in loving homes from this situation, however most animals end up being viewed as a nuisance after the novelty has worn off. When buying a pet on a whim or as a present people don’t often consider the amount of care an animal will need in the future. Cats will need a litter tray cleaning out every day, a dog will need training and walking and rabbits need their hutches cleaning out every day despite the weather. Not to mention that cute little ball of fuzz you carefully put in a bow and unveil on christmas morning will soon grow to be quite a large animal that will not be so cute and cuddly for very long.

It is these animals that end up in our care a few months down the line, needing behavioural or health issues sorting out before they can go to their new forever homes. Tis situation can be stopped once and for all if people would only think twice before buying a pet as a present.

The Society for Abandoned Animals does not rehome pets as presents no mater what time of year it is unless we are confident that the family have considered adopting very seriously and are all committed to the animals care. We always ask that it is the adults in the family that take on the daily care of the animal as it is often too big of a responsibility for a child to manage on their own.

A pet can make a wonderful addition to any family and we would not stand in the way of any of our animals going to a fantastic new home over the christmas season. If you are or were considering giving a pet as a gift to a member of you family this year then please contact us on any of the methods provided below to discuss the options and precisely what each of our animals requires by way of daily care.

You can e-mail us on,

phone us on 01619735318

or visit us at The Society for Abandoned Animals off Dane Road, Sale, Manchester.