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Brilliant Bunnies and Radient Rabbits!

 Last Sunday was the first of this years Rabbit Care Days  here at the Society for Abandoned Animals. We were offering complementary Rabbit health checks for all who attended with rabbits and had a vet performing low cost vaccinations in order to help the pet rabbits of Manchester be as healthy as possible.

The aim of the day was not only to help people who had been kind enough to adopt rabbits from us in the past but to help those who might not have otherwise taken their pets to see a vet. We managed to identify a number of minor health problems in rabbits that had never seen a vet before and potentially prevented those rabbits from developing serious health conditions.

An alarming percentage of the rabbits we saw were not neutered and were living alone. Their owners believed that as they were single rabbits that they did not have to be neutered as the risk of breeding was nonexistent. Many of these owners were shocked to hear about the health risks to domestic rabbits that have not been neutered, particularly with the high percentage of an unneutered female rabbit developing uterine cancer and unneutered males developing territorial aggression. We hope that by giving good advice endorsed by the Rabbit Welfare Association that we were able to help provide these rabbits with a better future and higher levels of welfare.

Other aspects of responsible rabbit ownership we were promoting included adequate accommodation size, rabbits as social animals and the possibility of keeping a rabbit as an indoor pet. Rabbits are still commonly seen as ‘disposable’ children’s pets with owners still believing that rabbits are cheap to keep and only live naturally for a few years.

The truth is that rabbits have been known to live into their teens and are notoriously expensive to keep, especially if they are taken twice yearly to a rabbits specialist vet. Rabbits are a big commitment and parents of children who want to adopt a rabbit should be fully prepared to take on the responsibility themselves when the children become bored of the commitment.

Hopefully last weekend we went some way to dispelling the myths surrounding domesticated rabbits and managed to improve the standard of welfare for a great number of local pet rabbits.

We also held games, stalls and even pony rides with our partner charity Urban Riderz to entertain all of our visitors, not just those with rabbits. One lucky visitor even won the grand prize of £25 of ‘Pet Life’ Vouchers!

The day was a fantastic success and as soon as we have the official figures in we will be letting you know via this blog our facebook and our twitter pages just how successful it really was!

A massive thank you goes out to all of the staff and volunteers who helped to make this day a fantastically enjoyable one for everyone!


Easter Bunny Delivers Early

Spring has finally sprung for us here in the UK with the years first true ‘warm spell’, we were even out and about in our SAA t-shirts this week instead of the 3 or more layers we have been wearing up untill now with the bitterly cold weather! The boost in the weather conditions has also brought the joys of spring to many of our animals!

Rabbits in particular!

It has been March Madness in our rabbit unit this week with many of our rabbits finding their new owners and going out to new homes. The madness continues this sunday as we have this years first Rabbit Care Day raising awareness of rabbit welfare aswell as much needed funds for the Society for Abandoned animals.

On the day we will be performing free rabbit health checks and low cost vaccinations (by appointment only with our vet) in order to help you keep your rabbit in tip top condition! There will also be pleanty of stalls including soft toy tombolla, childrens toy stalls and lots of bargains on our second hand sale tables! There will be lotas of games and fun things for the little ones, there will even a fantastic face-painter and special Shetland Pony rides!

It promises to be a brilliant day all round so why not see if you can help make it even better? Pop on down this sunday from 10:30 onwards and visit us at our site based alowng the canal towpath between Dane Road and Stretford metroling stations. Parking is available off Dane Road and the site can be accessed by a short and very pleasent walk along the newly refurbished Bridgewater Canal towpath.

Contact us on 01619735318 for more details. If you are traveling by car and are planning on using a SatNav to find us please use the postcode M33 7QH.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

ADCH Conference 2011

Have you ever wondered who acted as the voice for rescue centre animals all across the country? Who stood up infront of everyone and shouted about how animals have rights even when no one in the world loves them? Who brings together the big and the small in the world of animal rescue? The ADCH do all of this and more.

Founded in 1985, the Association of Dogs and Cats Homes is a consortium of animal rescue charities both large and small, all with one thing on their minds, the process of improving animal welfare in rescue centres. The ADCH is committed to the continued improvement of kennel and cattery standards and the education of staff and volunteers so tat animals can be provided with the best possible life and a short a stay as possible in any UK rescue centre.

The ADCH (Association of Dogs and Cats Homes) is holding its annual conference in Jersey this week, which two representatives of the Society for Abandoned Animals are attending. This conference is intended to enable member organisations of the ADCH to share their experiences in order to better the lives of cats and dogs (and other animals) while they are residents of rescue centres. If centres like ours can avoid making the same mistakes others have made and can follow other charities leading the way in animal welfare we can improve the lives of all of our animals.

While the primary focus is on the lives, behaviour and welfare of cats and dogs, our rabbits are definatly not going to be neglected! Many of the member organisations also care for rabbits and other small furries (Some may even look after small scalies!!) and these will be a hot topic in later discussions. Any cattery designs intended for cats can be made suitable for rabbits with a little inginuity and bit of elbow grease!

We will be bringing you the biggest and the best news from the conference as and when it happens and, as a valued supporter, you will be kept in the loop as the changes slowly take root at the sanctuary!

The Supporters Club

Here at the Society for Abandoned Animals, our volunteers and the people who support us are the biggest and the strongest resource we have! Without these two groups of people we would not be able to help as many animals as we have done and continue to do! They deserve all the praise and thanks we can give them and should know that we really appreciate all of the work they do for us.

In an attempt to help bring all of our volunteers and supporters together as part of a wider community, the Society for Abandoned Animals is soon launching its ‘Supporters Club’ which is completely free to join, enabling us to keep in contact with members with regular newsletters and updates.

It will allow us to show you just what all of your hard work has allowed us to accomplish and to say thank you in bigger and better ways that was ever possible before.

Stay tuned on this blog for more information about the upcoming launch of the club. If you would like to sign up then please email your name, full contact details and how you know the society be it as a volunteer, donor or as a complete newcomer. All are welcome to join our Supporters Club and to put their suggestions forward as to how we can improve our facilities and services into the future!

To join email us on