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Everything’s Coming Up Roses!

Go on, I dare you to rub my belly!

Rose the cat has been featured on this blog before multiple times in an attempt to find her a home and finally in celebrationg of a home accepting her in. This post is a letter from her new owners who are obviously enjoying the rewards of the choice they made so many months ago.


 Last October, my wife Hazel and I decided it was time to give a deserving cat a home. We had 2 cats, Kitty and Ringo, who sadly died during 2010. This was a very sad time for Hazel and I. We had always had cats, so we were missing feline company.

We decided we wanted a cat that really deserved a loving home, as we didn’t want to replace our other two. We were aware of the The Society For Abandoned Animals on the Stretford / Sale Border. We had a look on their website and looked for a cat that had preferably been at the centre for a long time. 

 That’s where we found Rosey. She had been in a pen for 9 months at the centre, waiting for a potential owner to give her a home. Usually cats find a home in days or weeks. She was about 2 years old and the volunteers at the SAA could tell that she at one time did have a home, but for whatever reason had become a stray.

She was found scavenging for scraps of food at the back of the Stretford Arndale Centre by one of the volunteers while shopping. The volunteer said that Rosey wouldn’t allow you to get too near. She was a painfully thin and in a bad state, and the weather in January 2010 was extremely cold. The snow and ice stayed for weeks. After a few days of visiting Rosey, the volunteer managed to grab her and put her in her cat box.

 When we went to visit her, she bit both my wife & I. The staff said that they think she had been mistreated because of her behaviour. She would flinch and cower if you moved your hand too fast. At the same time, she was intelligent and  loving. She would sit on your lap for hours. The volunteers at the SAA became very attached to her, but they knew she couldn’t go to just anyone, and that they thought that she wouldn’t be suitable for a family with children, or one with other cats. She also might have been too much for an elderly person.

 We knew we had to give Rosey a home. She wasn’t suitable for many people, but Hazel and I knew that she was perfect for us. We could give her a chance to have space, patience and freedom to allow her to eventually be happy. After having been locked in a small area of for about 9 months, however loving and caring the staff were at the SAA., she needed a stable calm home with a garden in a quiet traffic free street.

 Today 6 months on she has become much happier. She loves our company. She’s always waiting for us when we come home, even though the cat flap is open always. Now it’s starting to get a bit milder, and we are gardening, she’s always follows us. She climbs trees and many of the neighbours have commented on what a friendly cat she is. She has become friends with many of the cats on our street, which we always wondered what she’d be like. 

Since we gave her a home, she has never bitten us, only pretended to bite us in the first week or so, and she hardly ever scratches us anymore, only when we are too playful with her, or on the odd occasion if we pick her up, though we were never able to at all previously, now she rarely minds.

 She’s come so far in 6 months and we’re sure that as we show her love and affection, and give her space, she’ll continue to become what she should have from the start.



Boldly going where no cat has gone before!

The past month has been packed full of event days including the first of this years Rabbit Care Days and our Spring Fair which was blessed by some of the best weather we have had so far this year. Normally this would be the time to sit back and give ourselves a pat on the back for some fantastic fundraising. Not this year!

Now we are steaming towards our next event, our first ever Cat Care Day on the 15th may! The bunnies have had their day in the spotlight, now it is the time for some fantastic felines to strut their stuff and show us just how purrrfect they can be!

This is uncharted territory for us at the Society for Abandoned Animals, we are not sure on how the day will go down. There is one thing we are sure of though. It is going to be day to remember! A day when we can reach out to the cat owners of Manchester and beyond to help them with purrplexing behavioural and health issues.

We will have expert teams of health checkers there to advise on any potential health concerns and we will be providing low-cost flea and worm treatments to ensure each cat is as healthy as can be.

The safety of our pets is a major concern for anyone who owns an animal and in order to help owners with this we will be providing low-cost microchipping and registration. A microchip would allow staff at a vets or rescue centre to identify your pet and contact you in order to reunite you and your beloved pet as soon as possible should the animals go missing. The microchip itself is the size of a grain of rice and cannot be felt after it is implanted under the skin at the base of the neck.

As we have never held an event like this before we would value your input on how to make the event the best t possibly can be. Do you have an idea for a cat-based stall or are you able to help us out in any way? Please contact us to give us your ideas either by commenting below or by contacting

Thank you