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Why Is A Dog’s Life So Bad Anyway?

It has been a while since we have been able to help our canine friends here at the Society for Abandoned animals. Our old kennel unit had served its purpose for many years but had become too badly outdated and worn down that we were faced with no other choice but to close it completely while refurbishment were made. Now we are very very close to getting dogs back again and once again fulfilling the wishes of the fantastic woman who founded our charity many moons ago.

Peggy Henderson started off the SAA as a way of feeding the stray dogs that were left to fend for themselves during the housing clearances in South Manchester in the 60s. Her life is a wonderful thing to learn about and we have a few remaining books on her life story available to purchase from our site.

With this mission in mind it never really made sence to us to not have dogs, why wouldn’t we when that was the one species the SAA was founded on? Well soon we will be graced by the incessant barking of happy dogs once again but until then we are still very keen to help rehome as many dogs as possible by less direct methods.

First there was Harvey – The dog that everybody needed but didn’t know it yet. Now there is Alfie. Watch his story…

If you have any questions about Alfie’s campaign or where you can adopt a dog in the Manchester area while we are still dog-less them please leave a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

We don’t think there is anything wrong with Alfie


You’re a Mean One, Mr Grinch!

The Grinch turned up early this year

The Grinch has come early this year to the Society for Abandoned Animals.

Last thursday we suffered a break in. The first one since we moved our offices into the on-site bungalow out of the portacabins we used to use.
Vandals broke into the bungalow and managed to gain entry into all of the rooms, including our Treatment Room that currently houses two rabbits! There is so much destruction, it is going to take a long time for us to get back on track. And all of this is taking our time away from the animals that we are here to look after!
Thankfully, the two rabbits in our treatment room were left safe in their kennel, very very scared but they have recovered well and are eating and pooing normally (which any rabbit person will tell you is a very important thing!).
What was taken? All of our major prizes for next weekends Summer Fair event day.
The Summer Fair is our biggest event of the year, last year we raised a record breaking £7000! Now, we have no prizes for our auctions and raffles and no prizes means no people entering. We face a major problem. With no prizes, no one will want to enter any of our games therefore we will not raise any money.
This is an EMERGENCY APPEAL going out to anyone who may be able to help. We are in DESPERATE need of prizes for our games and auctions! If you have anything such as bottles of wine or non-alcoholic drinks that we can use in our bottle tombolla, unwanted gift sets of toiletries or maybe even children’s toys that are still in a saleable condition, we would be eternally grateful for it all!
In addition, if you think you could help us with repairs then please contact us as soon as possible on (uk) 01619735318 or
To donate please contact us on the above details or send items to the following address
The Society for Abandoned Animals
Mosley Acre Farm
Barfoot Bridge
M32 9UP
(our site is positioned along the canal tow path in between Dane Road and Edge Lane. Access by car is from Dane Road, we are signposted as ‘Animal Sanctuary’)