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Hopping into Spring at the SAA

Danny the Lionhead

If you’re bonkers about bunnies or just want to get close up to some lovely long eared rabbits then mark April 1st in your diary. We’re not pulling your leg! We really are having a Rabbit Care Day!

Doors open at 11am and there’ll be a chance to tour our new rabbit units in a special “behind the scenes” tour. You’ll get a chance to see where our rabbits live whilst they’re waiting for homes and learn more about how we care for them.

You’ll get to meet some of our fluffy favourites like Danny the Lionhead, our band of brothers who we’ve affectionately named Alvin, Simon and Theodore and Houdini who is a real character. You can hear all about the rabbits and why they were brought to the centre. All of them have great personalities and get up to all sorts of mischief when their units are being cleaned!

Alvin and Simon

If you already have a rabbit then you can book it in for a health check and vaccination anytime between 11am and 4pm. You must ring before April 1st so we can give you an appointment as the health checks are very popular.

There will be animal advisers on hand throughout the day on our education stall. They can offer tips on caring for your rabbit and some of the vital signs to look out for to ensure your bunny stays in good health. They know a lot about rabbits so please ask anything you like.

Another of our “behind the scenes” tours will take you to our new bunny boarding units which have been doubled in size. So if you’ve ever wondered what a 5* rabbit hotel looks like come down and see for yourself!

There will be refreshments as well as stalls selling all sorts of bargains. Pet toys and accessories will be on sale so even if you’re not a rabbit fan you can pick up a treat for your cat or dog.

Jasper the Rabbit

Jasper the Rabbit

So pop Rabbit Care Day in your diary for Sunday April 1st and hop down to Moseley Acre Farm to meet the team at the SAA and of course all our gorgeous bunnies. Even if you’re not raving about rabbits we’d love to see you, there’s something for every animal lover at the SAA.

One of our many bunnies looking for a new home


Remembering our animals in your will

“The only two certainties in life are death and taxes.”

This phrase may have been written more than two hundred years ago but it’s as true today as it was then. They’re also still two subjects that none of us like to think about.

However, the question of what sort of legacy we want to leave after our death is currently the subject of the Society for Abandoned Animals latest campaign. We’re encouraging everyone to consider leaving us a donation in their will, because even if you’ve never volunteered in your life or donated a single penny to charity you can still give something even after you’ve gone.

Many people think about leaving money to a charity in their will but often don’t know how to go about it. Concerns about the cost of making a will can be off putting and let’s be honest; none of us expect to die tomorrow so we don’t need a will just yet. Thinking about a will may seem pessimistic but it’s a vital document that will actually bring some comfort to loved ones should the unexpected happen.

Here at the SAA we’ve teamed up with three local solicitors who are offering their will writing services free of charge if you leave a donation to us. The suggested amounts are £85 (single) or £150 (joint) to help continue the work of the Society for Abandoned Animals. Please contact Richardson Law (Tel: 0161 266 1114), Lowick McKay (Tel: 0161 491 5588) and Pennine Kennedy Solicitors (Tel: 0161 881 3133) to discuss taking up this offer. Alternatively you can contact us to ask for more information by telephoning 0161 973 5318.

We’d like to encourage everyone to consider taking advantage of this generous offer. Did you know that leaving a donation in your will could lower the amount of money you have to pay in inheritance tax? The tax office has more information online.Image

We’d like to encourage everyone to consider taking advantage of this generous offer. Leaving a donation to the SAA through your will ensure you leave a lasting legacy helping animals in need for years to come.