Cuddly Cats Gaining Confidence

The boys asleep

This week’s blog is dedicated to a pair of cuddly cats called Charlie and Chaplin. Like their namesake they love to fool around and play with their toys, although they weren’t like that when they first arrived.

We took over caring for Charlie and Chaplain in March as their owner wasn’t able to look after them. They spent two weeks living in our Sanctuary Manager’s office. Natasha spent hours with them, even getting into their pen to stroke Chaplain who was too scared to move or eat. He needed constant reassurance and a lot of love.

Cuddling cats

Charlie responded very well to our efforts but it still took several weeks before he was confident enough to play with the toys we gave him. Chaplain is still a shy chap but he’s been getting bolder every day.

Natasha says “We’ve seen them grow in confidence. They are truly loving cats who just crave attention and love”.

Charlie and Chaplain are now in the main cat rehoming area in their own pen. They can often be seen with their paws wrapped around each other when asleep. Chaplain’s white paws mark him out from Charlie so we know which is which. The sound of a tinkling bell can also be heard from their pen as Charlie loves chasing his balls with bells in!

Whilst it’s not unusual for our volunteers to fall in love with the cats these two Casanovas have captured the hearts of everyone at the sanctuary. They’re affection for each other as well as anyone who comes near their pen is heart-warming.

Charlie and Chaplain waking up

One of our volunteers Jordan summed up the pair by saying: “Charlie and Chaplin would make the most wonderful pets; not only are they incredibly handsome, they are also affectionate, playful purring machines! These boys have everything going for them, and I have no doubt that with a stable, loving home their confidence will grow, with them becoming even more loveable (if that’s even possible!).”

So if you think you could give a quiet loving home to these affectionate fluffy balls of ginger love then contact the sanctuary to arrange a visit. Call the office on 0161 973 5318 every day between 12:00 and 4:30pm except on Wednesdays when we’re closed.

Lots of love needed here


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