Reiki for Rescue Cats

Some of our cats relaxing


At the SAA caring for cats isn’t just about feeding, watering and emptying their litter trays. It’s also about socialising, playing and grooming. We have scratching posts and toys in every pen and regularly have volunteers who spend time with the cats, brushing them and giving them the much needed love and attention many of them crave.


But it turns out that some of our volunteers have been giving the cats some extra special attention, using their skills to harness energy to calm and comfort the cats. They’ve been performing cat reiki!

Three reiki healers have been lending their skills to the cats of the SAA; Jean, Janet and Lorraine.

Janet performing reiki

With a sleepy looking kitten on her lap, Janet explains what reiki is: “Reiki is a non-intrusive hands-on energy healing technique. When the energy in the human body becomes blocked and unable to flow as it normally would, it eventually leads to illness in some form. As the Reiki energy flows through the body, it helps break down energetic blockages allowing life force to flow naturally throughout the mind, body and soul.”

But what’s this got to do with cats? Janet says cats, like people, can suffer from blocked energy; particularly when they’ve been through a stressful experience as many of our cats have been.

Janet gathering energy

To help restore their energy flow Janet sits with the cats, projecting her mental energy onto them. This can be passed on either hands-on through the form of stroking or by pushing the energy flow towards them if they’re a little shy.

Janet says: “The cats sense an increase in energy and respond to that. I try to channel the energy from the surroundings although this can be tricky with so many cats in one place. Some cats respond very well to the energy in the environment but when there are lots of cats together there can be too much energy. It’s been quite a challenge learning how best to channel the energy in the re-homing centre.

Janet continues: “All the cats respond differently. Some fall asleep whilst others get really hungry. One of the cats, Alfie, has changed a lot. He used to scratch me when I performed the reiki but now he sits and licks my face! So I guess he must be enjoying it!”

Feeling energetic after a reiki session

As well as our cats that need new homes Janet also treats the feral cats to a spot of reiki, although this is purely hands off as even an energy master can’t get close to our wild friends!

Away from the sanctuary Janet also practices on humans, although she says pets often muscle in on a reiki session, pinching some of the healing energy meant for their owner!

Two of our cats looking for homes

If you want to find out more about reiki you can find Janet at:

Or pop down to the sanctuary to see our cats, they’re always grateful to see a friendly face. With Christmas coming up any spare cat toys, scratching posts and cat food in jelly would certainly go down a treat.

Playing on a giant scratching post


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