Rabbit Care Day at the SAA

Did you know that a group of rabbits is known as a ‘colony’ or ‘nest’?

Well it was definitely a big nest of bunnies who descended upon the farm on Sunday, 29th September. Large, small, brown, white, pointy ears and floppy ears… and all of them, and their owners, enjoying the unexpected Autumn sunshine.


A total of 18 rabbits were vaccinated thanks to a local vet, and many more received free health checks from the SAA animal care staff. Volunteers were on hand to provide advice on everything from grooming to bunny toys and hutches. There were even poo samples to show what a good or bad diet can do to a rabbit’s health.


The barbeque and refreshments stall was, as always, very popular, with people enjoying vegetarian soup, tomato pastries, and lots of cakes – all brought by volunteers.

Whilst the buns relaxed in the Rabbit Sitting service, their owners could enjoy many different rabbit-themed games, including Guess My Name,  Drop a Penny on the Bunny Nose, and rabbit toy tombola.


Lots of rabbits – and their owners! – received care and attention, and all the money raised will go towards looking after the other rabbits, cats and dogs in the SAA’s care until they can find their own families.

None of this could be possible without the hard work of the SAA volunteers. If you’d like to help out at a future event, whether it’s with raffle prizes, cakes, or manning a stall, email office@saarescue.co.uk. And don’t forget, whether you have a rabbit of your own or not, you can support the SAA bunnies through our sponsorship program.

For more info on upcoming events, check out the Events Page above or like us on Facebook.


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