Wet and Wild Spring Fair

Preparations in the rain

Despite the wild weather this weekend and the devastating burglary last week  we’ve had an amazing Spring Fair. We can’t thank everyone enough who braved the lashing rain and howling winds to pop down and help us to raise a whopping £2,437.75!!!

We’re so thrilled at how much was raised and it will go a very long way to helping the many dogs, cats and rabbits that we care for at the sanctuary.

Checking out the rabbits


We’re also delighted that several of our bunnies have been reserved alongside some of our gorgeous cats. We’re going to busy this week with home inspections.


Our resident Jack Russell, Terry, was quite the star of the day making friends all over the place.

Our bric a brac sale in the barn was a busy place from the start of the day to the end, with people queuing to pick up a bargain!

Hunting for a bargain

Some savvy shoppers rummaged for that ultimate find and we know a few children must have felt like Christmas had come early!

A frightening sight by the toys!

Our dedicated volunteers were on hand to help throughout the day and in some ways the weather helped as we sold a lot of umbrellas!

Shopping for bags and cards

Hand made items also proved popular with specially printed bags, greetings cards and framed photos all flying off the stands. Our raffle was also a hit and we know many of you had a go at some of the games on offer too.

Flame grilled burger anyone?

Not unsurprisingly the barbecue went down very well! It was worth getting a veggie hot dog just to warm your hands up! Of course everything was expertly cooked by our flaming fab volunteers! Complimenting the hot dogs and burgers were an array of amazingly decorated cakes that in some cases looked too good to eat.

Yummy cup cakes

Fortunately lots of you got stuck in to that icing!

Tucking in to cup cakes

We also had our resident face painter on hand, turning children into pretty cats and handsome hounds.

A princess cat

It was a fantastic day with the whole sanctuary filled with people.

Making new friends

Our volunteers put in a massive effort with many coming down first thing to help set up and make us storm proof! We must also say a huge thank you to everyone who donated items to us following last week’s terrible burglary. We were overwhelmed with people’s generosity and support for the SAA. More than anything else the Spring Fair has really raised our spirits as well as pounds.

Having a go on the games

We’re more committed than ever to helping the abandoned animals of Manchester and we’re really excited to be working with even more volunteers as today’s event encouraged several people to offer their services. The SAA’s Fundraising Coordinator Aimee Diz Ennis explains how important the Spring Fair is for the charity.

Now let’s just hope the weather can be as bright as our future!


Vital donations stolen just days before our Spring Fair

It’s been a devastating start to the week at the Society for Abandoned Animals as we’ve been broken into. Over the weekend thieves attacked one of the buildings at the farm where we were storing goods to be sold at the Spring Fair this Sunday. They must have used tools to force their way in and take our vital stock. They also destroyed what they couldn’t take. Fortunately they didn’t attempt to break into any of the buildings housing the animals but it’s still very distressing for all.

What’s even worse is the fact that this is the second time in a year that the charity has been targeted by thieves. We were broken into in 2011, again just before a big fund raising event. Reinforced bars had been placed on our bungalow to try to prevent it happening again but it seems the thieves were determined to break in.

We would like to thank the lovely officers from Greater Manchester Police who came to the sanctuary today to look at the damage and take statements. The Police Community Support Officers in Sale have said they will increase their patrols around the sanctuary to try to stop this happening again. They’re also bringing locks to help us secure the site a bit better and we can’t thank them enough for their support.

Everyone is devastated by this attack on our sanctuary, particularly given the timing. The Spring Fair is one of the key fund raising dates in the diary and we had collected a lot of items specifically for the event. Our volunteers have already rallied round and we know people are putting in a massive effort to try to gather more items in time for Sunday. We’re really hoping a security firm may donate their time and expertise to helping us improve security so this really will never happen again.

But as one of our volunteers put it, “we are not done and we are not beaten.” The Spring Fair will go ahead and we can’t thank people enough for their support. The lengths our volunteers go to and their dedication far out way the awful nature of the vandals and thieves who think they can steal from charities and get away with it.

A Rescue and Reunion at Easter

We’ve had a busy Easter at the Society for Abandoned Animals but the holidays have ended with a happy story.

On Easter Saturday we took in four tiny kittens that were just three weeks old.

Taking a nap!

They were brought to the sanctuary by Pam who had spent the past few days looking after the cats on a building site in Eccles.

Pam first learned of the little family from her husband who was working on the site. Despite the noise of the heavy machinery and the busy nature of the site the mother cat had settled into a metal container to give birth and tend her young.

After a lot of persuading from Pam the builders allowed her onto the site so she could bring food for the mother cat. This was a potentially lifesaving action as it’s vital the mother has enough strength to care for the kittens and produce enough milk for them.

However the building site was being closed down for Easter and the builders were threatening to evict the cats. Pam realised how distressing this could be for the mother, something that could prove fatal to the kittens. Concerned about their welfare Pam brought the kittens to the SAA but she hadn’t been able to catch the mother.

Can you guess why this kitten is named after Freddy Mercury?

The kittens were in a very healthy condition and were very friendly with the staff. All they wanted to do was play. We syringe and bottle fed them milk to keep up their strength and they seemed to be thriving. But we were all concerned about the mum who would be wondering the building site looking for her kittens, devastated at their loss. We gave Pam a trap for catching the mother cat and hoped she would be able to find her. I don’t think any of us at that stage were hopeful of ever reuniting this feline family.

Whilst Pam was on the lookout for mum, we sent the kittens to two foster homes. Fortunately two of our fosterers had cats that had recently given birth. The kittens initially took milk from these “foster” mums although we had to go back to bottle feeding to ensure everyone got their fair share of mum’s milk.

To our amazement Pam arrived at the sanctuary on Tuesday with the mother cat. We can’t thank her enough for her tenacity and determination. By sheer coincidence one of our fosterers who had two of the kittens was also at the sanctuary. She immediately called the other fosterer and dashed home to get the kittens.

The happy family reunited.

When they arrived everyone was apprehensive as to what would happen. We held our breath as the basket with the kittens was brought into the room. It’s very common for mother’s to reject their young after a period of separation and it had now been four days. The kittens also smelt of another cat. Fortunately we needn’t have worried. We were thrilled to see the mother come straight over to the basket before the kittens were even released. When they were she was overjoyed, licking the kittens all over. It was like a mother kissing her children. They were equally excited to have their mum back and were climbing all over her, although two of them were more interested in mum’s milk than her kisses!

Mum gives a reassuring hug

After such an emotional reunion the kittens were exhausted and literally fell asleep in mum’s paws. It was really moving to watch her hugging the kittens, reassuring them that she was there to protect them.

All five of this lucky feline family are now living with one of our fosterers. When the kittens are old enough and mum is satisfied that her job is done we’ll be looking for permanent homes for the cats.

It’s clear the mother cat isn’t a stray. She has a collar and is very friendly with people, but unfortunately she isn’t micro chipped. Pam tried her best to locate the owner but had no joy. This story is a really clear example of why owners must microchip their pets. We would also implore all owners to neuter their animals so they don’t end up with a litter of kittens on a building site relying on strangers for their survival.

We can’t thank Pam enough for her dedication to this cat family’s welfare. In recognition of her efforts we’ve named the mother cat after her. So if you’re interested in adopting Pam or any of the kittens (including Freddy, named after Freddie Mercury!) please contact the SAA on 0161 973 5318.

A real happy ending!

Hopping into Spring at the SAA

Danny the Lionhead

If you’re bonkers about bunnies or just want to get close up to some lovely long eared rabbits then mark April 1st in your diary. We’re not pulling your leg! We really are having a Rabbit Care Day!

Doors open at 11am and there’ll be a chance to tour our new rabbit units in a special “behind the scenes” tour. You’ll get a chance to see where our rabbits live whilst they’re waiting for homes and learn more about how we care for them.

You’ll get to meet some of our fluffy favourites like Danny the Lionhead, our band of brothers who we’ve affectionately named Alvin, Simon and Theodore and Houdini who is a real character. You can hear all about the rabbits and why they were brought to the centre. All of them have great personalities and get up to all sorts of mischief when their units are being cleaned!

Alvin and Simon

If you already have a rabbit then you can book it in for a health check and vaccination anytime between 11am and 4pm. You must ring before April 1st so we can give you an appointment as the health checks are very popular.

There will be animal advisers on hand throughout the day on our education stall. They can offer tips on caring for your rabbit and some of the vital signs to look out for to ensure your bunny stays in good health. They know a lot about rabbits so please ask anything you like.

Another of our “behind the scenes” tours will take you to our new bunny boarding units which have been doubled in size. So if you’ve ever wondered what a 5* rabbit hotel looks like come down and see for yourself!

There will be refreshments as well as stalls selling all sorts of bargains. Pet toys and accessories will be on sale so even if you’re not a rabbit fan you can pick up a treat for your cat or dog.

Jasper the Rabbit

Jasper the Rabbit

So pop Rabbit Care Day in your diary for Sunday April 1st and hop down to Moseley Acre Farm to meet the team at the SAA and of course all our gorgeous bunnies. Even if you’re not raving about rabbits we’d love to see you, there’s something for every animal lover at the SAA.

One of our many bunnies looking for a new home

Remembering our animals in your will

“The only two certainties in life are death and taxes.”

This phrase may have been written more than two hundred years ago but it’s as true today as it was then. They’re also still two subjects that none of us like to think about.

However, the question of what sort of legacy we want to leave after our death is currently the subject of the Society for Abandoned Animals latest campaign. We’re encouraging everyone to consider leaving us a donation in their will, because even if you’ve never volunteered in your life or donated a single penny to charity you can still give something even after you’ve gone.

Many people think about leaving money to a charity in their will but often don’t know how to go about it. Concerns about the cost of making a will can be off putting and let’s be honest; none of us expect to die tomorrow so we don’t need a will just yet. Thinking about a will may seem pessimistic but it’s a vital document that will actually bring some comfort to loved ones should the unexpected happen.

Here at the SAA we’ve teamed up with three local solicitors who are offering their will writing services free of charge if you leave a donation to us. The suggested amounts are £85 (single) or £150 (joint) to help continue the work of the Society for Abandoned Animals. Please contact Richardson Law (Tel: 0161 266 1114), Lowick McKay (Tel: 0161 491 5588) and Pennine Kennedy Solicitors (Tel: 0161 881 3133) to discuss taking up this offer. Alternatively you can contact us to ask for more information by telephoning 0161 973 5318.

We’d like to encourage everyone to consider taking advantage of this generous offer. Did you know that leaving a donation in your will could lower the amount of money you have to pay in inheritance tax? The tax office has more information online.Image

We’d like to encourage everyone to consider taking advantage of this generous offer. Leaving a donation to the SAA through your will ensure you leave a lasting legacy helping animals in need for years to come.

Why Is A Dog’s Life So Bad Anyway?

It has been a while since we have been able to help our canine friends here at the Society for Abandoned animals. Our old kennel unit had served its purpose for many years but had become too badly outdated and worn down that we were faced with no other choice but to close it completely while refurbishment were made. Now we are very very close to getting dogs back again and once again fulfilling the wishes of the fantastic woman who founded our charity many moons ago.

Peggy Henderson started off the SAA as a way of feeding the stray dogs that were left to fend for themselves during the housing clearances in South Manchester in the 60s. Her life is a wonderful thing to learn about and we have a few remaining books on her life story available to purchase from our site.

With this mission in mind it never really made sence to us to not have dogs, why wouldn’t we when that was the one species the SAA was founded on? Well soon we will be graced by the incessant barking of happy dogs once again but until then we are still very keen to help rehome as many dogs as possible by less direct methods.

First there was Harvey – The dog that everybody needed but didn’t know it yet. Now there is Alfie. Watch his story…

If you have any questions about Alfie’s campaign or where you can adopt a dog in the Manchester area while we are still dog-less them please leave a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

We don’t think there is anything wrong with Alfie

You’re a Mean One, Mr Grinch!

The Grinch turned up early this year

The Grinch has come early this year to the Society for Abandoned Animals.

Last thursday we suffered a break in. The first one since we moved our offices into the on-site bungalow out of the portacabins we used to use.
Vandals broke into the bungalow and managed to gain entry into all of the rooms, including our Treatment Room that currently houses two rabbits! There is so much destruction, it is going to take a long time for us to get back on track. And all of this is taking our time away from the animals that we are here to look after!
Thankfully, the two rabbits in our treatment room were left safe in their kennel, very very scared but they have recovered well and are eating and pooing normally (which any rabbit person will tell you is a very important thing!).
What was taken? All of our major prizes for next weekends Summer Fair event day.
The Summer Fair is our biggest event of the year, last year we raised a record breaking £7000! Now, we have no prizes for our auctions and raffles and no prizes means no people entering. We face a major problem. With no prizes, no one will want to enter any of our games therefore we will not raise any money.
This is an EMERGENCY APPEAL going out to anyone who may be able to help. We are in DESPERATE need of prizes for our games and auctions! If you have anything such as bottles of wine or non-alcoholic drinks that we can use in our bottle tombolla, unwanted gift sets of toiletries or maybe even children’s toys that are still in a saleable condition, we would be eternally grateful for it all!
In addition, if you think you could help us with repairs then please contact us as soon as possible on (uk) 01619735318 or office@saarescue.co.uk
To donate please contact us on the above details or send items to the following address
The Society for Abandoned Animals
Mosley Acre Farm
Barfoot Bridge
M32 9UP
(our site is positioned along the canal tow path in between Dane Road and Edge Lane. Access by car is from Dane Road, we are signposted as ‘Animal Sanctuary’)