Cat Project

Over the last five years, the Society for Abandoned Animals has successfully helped over 1,000 cats find their forever homes.

Sadly, the numbers of unwanted cats is rising and we do not have the facilities to come with rising demand. Our team of volunteer fosterers are a huge help – without them we could not cope with the number of cats and kittens who come to us needing love and attention. However, what we would love to be able to do is refurbish and develop our existing buildings to be able to take in more cats for rehoming.

We would like to:

  •  convert the existing storage barn into a new cat rehoming facility with 18 pens
  • create several larger pens for long-stay cats or litters of kittens
  • create a ‘living room’ area for socialising
  • convert a second storage unit into a new cat quarantine area.

We would also like to re-use the existing cat rehoming facility as cat boarding facilities. This will provide us with a new source of income, which we can use to pay for the maintenance of the cat rehoming unit.

Unfortunately, all this work is expensive! We hope to complete the project at a cost of £80,000. It’s a lot of money for us to raise – that’s why we’re asking for your help.

There are lots of different ways you can help us reach our goal, from a regular or one-off donation, to a sponsored event. Do a bungee jump, have a cake sale, hold a car boot sale. Whether you are an individual, a school or a company, we would love your support.

Check out our website: for more information on the project, and ideas for how you can help.


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