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Tippi the three legged cat

Tippi the kitten came to us through an acquaintance of Lorna, one of our volunteers. He had heard that she fostered cats and kittens for the Society and hoped she would be able to help. The man had a stray cat turn up in his garden and gave birth to a litter of kittens in his shed. Wanting to do the right thing, he took the feline family in and began to look for homes for the kittens. His children had become attached to the mother and they decided to keep her.

The only problem was the little black female kitten with a deformed leg, probably due to her umbilical cord wrapping round the leg and stopping the circulation. She had a stump, just below the first joint; the leg was about half the length it should be. His vet advised that the leg should be amputated at six months, when she would be ready for spaying at the same time. The man was having difficulty finding a new owner who would be willing to take on a kitten requiring such an expensive procedure and he did not feel that he could keep her himself. It was decided that she would be admitted to the Sanctuary’s care until a new home could be found, possibly until after she had the surgery. As she was only nine weeks, she went into foster care with Lorna.


After a week it was evident that she could not wait until she was six months for the surgery as the stump was constantly raw and bled because she was trying to walk on it. It also affected her ability to go to the toilet as it caused her pain to squat, and litter of any kind hurt her raw stump. Therefore, the Sanctuary’s vet decided to do the surgery at 13 weeks, spaying her at the same time so that she didn’t have to go through another anaesthetic at a later date. This decision would ultimately save her life.


During the operation a large blood clot was found in her abdomen, which was traced back to a tear in her spleen, which had to be removed. The damage was usually consistent with some kind of trauma, such as a kick or road accident. It is a mystery as to how she had this injury as she was closely monitored in foster care and when speaking to the man who originally had her he could not recall anything of note. The vet said it could have been bleeding for a number of weeks – we will never know when it happened or how. We do know that any slight bump or fall during the time it was bleeding could have been fatal. It’s a good job we didn’t wait until she was six months old for the surgery!


Recovery was slow and for the first few days she would not eat and everyone was really worried. Various foods were tried to get her to eat, from tuna to custard. When she finally ate a small amount of chicken we knew she had turned the corner. She also began to go to the toilet normally, without the frustration and wailing that accompanied it before. She had to then endure the annoyance of a Buster Collar for ten days to stop her from biting her many stitches.


There was relief all round when the stitches came out and she could then begin to enjoy being a kitten again and she hasn’t looked back.

During all this Lorna and her husband became especially attached to her and decided to break their rule of not adopting any of their foster felines. Tippi has become a permanent member of their furry family.

And an explanation of the name: on the evening she arrived Lorna and her family watched Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’ starring Tippi Hedren, a great animal rights campaigner. A perfect name for a kitten who tips over!



Year Of The Rabbit

Why is this year the year the chinese year of the rabbit? Well, why not? Rabbits are fantastic!! Every year should be for rabbits if you ask me! Who doesn’t love the sight of a cheeky bunny running round with a scrap of carefully torn newspaper clasped between their little bunny teeth?

Rabbits make fantastic pets and are very easy to look after if you know what you are doing. But beware, they are frail little creatures so you really should do your research before adopting a bunny for the first time. As any good rabbit owner will tell you, myself included, rabbits are simply fabulous to have around regardless of whether they are in a hutch in the garden or in an indoor pen.

We are all just bunny bonkers at the Society for Abandoned Animals!

So why not join us>? Come down for a chart and to view our animals and who knows, maybe you could soon be adopting a brilliant lucky new years bunny!

Here are a few of our rabbits that are still looking for loving homes, all with their own personality quirks and habits! So why not come down and see them in the fur?


<———  **MOONPIG**



 **LEYLAND** ——->



<—– **HOLLY & IVY**




Rabbit Update: Pippi

A while ago we featured a story about a rabbit called Pippi, a beautiful little rabbit who unfortunately suffers from blocked tear ducts. This causes her eyes to become sore and inflamed if left untreated. With some gentle eye bathing when she needs it and the occasional course of metacam and antibiotic eye drops shes as fit as a fiddle and really enjoys human company.

Pippi is still looking for a home where she can live indoors as a single house rabbit as previous bonding attempts have been unsuccessful. Over the past month, Pippi has been living in a foster home where she has been receiving the TLC that she needs to help her deal with a flare up of her condition. She has been thriving in this home and truly enjoys being a house rabbit. She loves human company and is slowly beginning to learn that she can relax whilst being handled.

Pippi has been with us for far too long and is in desperate need of a new loving home. If you think you would be able to provide pippi with the home she so desperately deserves then please contact us on 01619735318, at office@saarescue.co.uk or some down to the sanctuary to chat to our animal care staff.  We can organise for you to view Pippi by appointment and as she is such a special rabbit we would be willing to extend our normal rehoming boundary beyond the existing 1 hours driving distance. Please contact us to find out if we would be able to perform a home check in your area and ask for the Animal Care Manager.

Rabbit Of The Week! ~ Pippi ~

This is Pippi, a beautiful young rabbit who is desperately in need of an experienced rabbit home where she can live on her own as an indoor rabbit. Pippi was initially brought in to us a few months ago as a stray. She was found with another rabbit Pixie but unfortunately the two rabbits started to fight so we had to separate them.

While Pixie has found a fantastic new home as an indoor rabbit, Pippi has been struggling for quite some time. In the past we have tried to bond Pippi with neutered male rabbits but bonds have so far been unsuccessful. If a very experienced rabbit owner and one that has performed bondings before can try a very long-term bonding programme it may work but unfortunately we at the Society for Abandoned Animals cannot offer her that at this point. We are therefore looking for a home for her where she can live as a single house rabbit.

Pippi does have an ongoing medical condition which any prospective owners would need to be fully prepared to take on. She has permanently blocked tear ducts which means that the water from her eyes has no way of draining away and so her ‘tears’ fall down her face causing her skin to become sore. While Pippi is not on any long term treatment for this she may from time to time require pain medication or antibiotic eye drops to help her reaction calm down. Attempts at un-blocking her tear ducts have been unsuccessful.

Despite this Pippi is a fantastic little rabbit. Her tri-coloured coat is in fantastic condition and her teeth are being maintained by a diet of hay, fresh grass, dried grass and fresh greens. While she does not like being handled very much she is very curious and will come up to you to see what it is you are doing. Her reaction to being handled should calm down once she is in a stable home where she can bond with her new owners. She is a very clean rabbit and almost exclusively uses her litter tray, except for the odd dropping scattered here and there.

If you think you could offer Pippi the home that she needs please contact the Society for Abandoned Animals on (UK) 0161 973 5318 or at office@saarescue.co.uk stating that you read about her on the SAA Blog Zone.

Thank you.

Cat Of The Week! ~ Gizmo ~

When Gizmo’s owner sadly passed away she was left without anyone to care for her. fortunately for her she was brought into the Society for Abandoned Animals before she could wander off or worse. It’s clear that the loss of her owner has affected her profoundly, her behaviour clearly shows how nervous she is of strangers.

This nervousness should not put people off adopting her however, as she would probably bond very well with new owners. All she needs is a little patience, understanding and stability. Once she is in a suitable home and having regular consistent contact with a few owners she will undoubtedly come out of her shell and display a personality dazzling enough to do justice to her stunning looks.

Gizmo is a long haired female tabby who would need regular grooming to help keep her coat at its best. With a little love and kindness she would bring so much affection to her new owners. A rescue cat is one of the most rewarding pets to have, the day the cat learns that it can trust you and forget all the trouble that has occurred in its past is one of the best experiences you can have.

The Society for Abandoned Animals is looking for a home within one hours driving distance of Manchester (UK) that is away from any busy roads. If you feel you can give Gizmo the home that she needs please contact us on 0161 973 5318 or office@saareswcue.co.uk for further information. On enquiry please mention this blog. Thank you.

A Rose By Any Other Name…

A rose by any other name smells just as sweet, and still has thorns so it seems. Here at the SAA we dont discriminate against some of the more…moody animals in need of good homes. One such animal is our cat Mia-Rose.

She is a beautiful torti cat who really does live up to her name. While she is one of the most beautiful cats I have seen with a very expressive face and distinctive markings, she can be a bit of a hell-cat.  It didnt take her long to work up a reputation!

Found living behind the dumpsters of a large shopping mall in one of the worst winters the UK has ever seen, it was obvious she needed help. Being unable to fend for herself had left her skinny and bedraggled but still she kept going. Eventually one of our devoted cat fosterers managed to coax her into a carrier and rescue her from her had life. Did she thank us for it? well, not much!

Still, with the start to life she has had, who can blame her for being a bit grouchy? It is obvious to us that she has been mistreated as she likes everything to be on her terms. She is, however, very much an attention seeker and will sit at the door to her pen a beg for attention. She loves nothing more than to sit on a nice warm lap and providing you keep your hands to yourself she can doze there for hours! Stroking is the difficult thing, unfortunately. There has definitely been some event in her life that has led her to equate hands with pain as she is very quick to defend herself from even the most gental of strokes.

Still, our thorny Rose is still in as much need of a loving home as any of our other cats. She would suit someone living on their own or perhaps a couple that would like to have a cat around the house but who arent wanting to fuss the poor girl all the time. Someone who would not be put off by the odd slash of claws and hissing insults. Someone who has the time and the patience to devote to a cat who so desperately needs a loving home.

If you feel like you are that person then please contact us so we can discuss her condition further. We are desperate to not only find a home for her but to find THE home for her. It is out there somewhere