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Brilliant Bunnies and Radient Rabbits!

 Last Sunday was the first of this years Rabbit Care Days  here at the Society for Abandoned Animals. We were offering complementary Rabbit health checks for all who attended with rabbits and had a vet performing low cost vaccinations in order to help the pet rabbits of Manchester be as healthy as possible.

The aim of the day was not only to help people who had been kind enough to adopt rabbits from us in the past but to help those who might not have otherwise taken their pets to see a vet. We managed to identify a number of minor health problems in rabbits that had never seen a vet before and potentially prevented those rabbits from developing serious health conditions.

An alarming percentage of the rabbits we saw were not neutered and were living alone. Their owners believed that as they were single rabbits that they did not have to be neutered as the risk of breeding was nonexistent. Many of these owners were shocked to hear about the health risks to domestic rabbits that have not been neutered, particularly with the high percentage of an unneutered female rabbit developing uterine cancer and unneutered males developing territorial aggression. We hope that by giving good advice endorsed by the Rabbit Welfare Association that we were able to help provide these rabbits with a better future and higher levels of welfare.

Other aspects of responsible rabbit ownership we were promoting included adequate accommodation size, rabbits as social animals and the possibility of keeping a rabbit as an indoor pet. Rabbits are still commonly seen as ‘disposable’ children’s pets with owners still believing that rabbits are cheap to keep and only live naturally for a few years.

The truth is that rabbits have been known to live into their teens and are notoriously expensive to keep, especially if they are taken twice yearly to a rabbits specialist vet. Rabbits are a big commitment and parents of children who want to adopt a rabbit should be fully prepared to take on the responsibility themselves when the children become bored of the commitment.

Hopefully last weekend we went some way to dispelling the myths surrounding domesticated rabbits and managed to improve the standard of welfare for a great number of local pet rabbits.

We also held games, stalls and even pony rides with our partner charity Urban Riderz to entertain all of our visitors, not just those with rabbits. One lucky visitor even won the grand prize of £25 of ‘Pet Life’ Vouchers!

The day was a fantastic success and as soon as we have the official figures in we will be letting you know via this blog our facebook and our twitter pages just how successful it really was!

A massive thank you goes out to all of the staff and volunteers who helped to make this day a fantastically enjoyable one for everyone!


Rabbit Of The Week! ~ Pippi ~

This is Pippi, a beautiful young rabbit who is desperately in need of an experienced rabbit home where she can live on her own as an indoor rabbit. Pippi was initially brought in to us a few months ago as a stray. She was found with another rabbit Pixie but unfortunately the two rabbits started to fight so we had to separate them.

While Pixie has found a fantastic new home as an indoor rabbit, Pippi has been struggling for quite some time. In the past we have tried to bond Pippi with neutered male rabbits but bonds have so far been unsuccessful. If a very experienced rabbit owner and one that has performed bondings before can try a very long-term bonding programme it may work but unfortunately we at the Society for Abandoned Animals cannot offer her that at this point. We are therefore looking for a home for her where she can live as a single house rabbit.

Pippi does have an ongoing medical condition which any prospective owners would need to be fully prepared to take on. She has permanently blocked tear ducts which means that the water from her eyes has no way of draining away and so her ‘tears’ fall down her face causing her skin to become sore. While Pippi is not on any long term treatment for this she may from time to time require pain medication or antibiotic eye drops to help her reaction calm down. Attempts at un-blocking her tear ducts have been unsuccessful.

Despite this Pippi is a fantastic little rabbit. Her tri-coloured coat is in fantastic condition and her teeth are being maintained by a diet of hay, fresh grass, dried grass and fresh greens. While she does not like being handled very much she is very curious and will come up to you to see what it is you are doing. Her reaction to being handled should calm down once she is in a stable home where she can bond with her new owners. She is a very clean rabbit and almost exclusively uses her litter tray, except for the odd dropping scattered here and there.

If you think you could offer Pippi the home that she needs please contact the Society for Abandoned Animals on (UK) 0161 973 5318 or at office@saarescue.co.uk stating that you read about her on the SAA Blog Zone.

Thank you.