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Flash Finds a Family

Flash ready for action

Earlier this year the SAA took in little Flash, who couldn’t move abroad with her new owners. They were devastated to have to leave her behind but confident the SAA could find her a new and loving home.

She was a real delight to have at the sanctuary, always bouncing around and wanting to make friends with all the volunteers and other animals and it didn’t take long for the right family to come looking for Flash.

The Miley family came to the SAA after deciding to get a rescue dog because they wanted to be able to ask for advice about finding the right pet to fit into their household. Ellie says she’d wanted a dog since she was little and had finally persuaded her parents that it would be a good idea.

Ellie with Flash

“We thought it would be best to get a rescue dog so we could ask about information because we have cats. We wanted to make sure that the animals would all get on with each other.”

On their first visit to the sanctuary the family said they were really impressed with the dedication of the staff and volunteers who were all really friendly. They say it was clear the animals were loved and cared for and were really excited to meet the dogs looking for homes.


Flash in her winter coat

Ellie says: “As soon as we saw Flash we fell in love with her. When Shirley brought out the two little dogs, Flash and Terry, Flash was so quiet and calm. We had a good feeling that her and the cats would get along.”

After a home visit and a lot of good advice from the SAA the Mileys were ready to bring Flash home. Ellie says the cats got a bit of a shock but they have now got used to having Flash around!

“Flash has been a little angel, we couldn’t have asked for a better dog as she has the most wonderful temperament. She has settled in really well and become a very special part of our family.”

Flash settling in at home

Flash does have her amusing moments, particularly when the window cleaner comes and she enjoys barking at him! She’s also made friends with the donkeys on the moors at the back of the family’s house as she thinks they’re big dogs! Closer to home Flash looks really cute chasing her balloons and playing with her squeaky toys. Ellie says she’s trying to teach Flash to dance which is proving to be an amusing task!

Flash fits in to the family

At the SAA we’ve really enjoyed seeing the photos of Flash enjoying her new life with this loving family who’ve given her a second chance at a happy life. The Mileys say their experience with Flash means they’d always recommend that people look at adopting an abandoned animal rather than buying a new pet.

Flash enjoying the sunshine

They were impressed with the way staff at the SAA really got to know the animals and how they were really careful to make sure they would fit in with family life. They say the adoption process was simple and swift and they’ve loved being able to provide such a secure and cat filled home for Flash!


You’re a Mean One, Mr Grinch!

The Grinch turned up early this year

The Grinch has come early this year to the Society for Abandoned Animals.

Last thursday we suffered a break in. The first one since we moved our offices into the on-site bungalow out of the portacabins we used to use.
Vandals broke into the bungalow and managed to gain entry into all of the rooms, including our Treatment Room that currently houses two rabbits! There is so much destruction, it is going to take a long time for us to get back on track. And all of this is taking our time away from the animals that we are here to look after!
Thankfully, the two rabbits in our treatment room were left safe in their kennel, very very scared but they have recovered well and are eating and pooing normally (which any rabbit person will tell you is a very important thing!).
What was taken? All of our major prizes for next weekends Summer Fair event day.
The Summer Fair is our biggest event of the year, last year we raised a record breaking £7000! Now, we have no prizes for our auctions and raffles and no prizes means no people entering. We face a major problem. With no prizes, no one will want to enter any of our games therefore we will not raise any money.
This is an EMERGENCY APPEAL going out to anyone who may be able to help. We are in DESPERATE need of prizes for our games and auctions! If you have anything such as bottles of wine or non-alcoholic drinks that we can use in our bottle tombolla, unwanted gift sets of toiletries or maybe even children’s toys that are still in a saleable condition, we would be eternally grateful for it all!
In addition, if you think you could help us with repairs then please contact us as soon as possible on (uk) 01619735318 or office@saarescue.co.uk
To donate please contact us on the above details or send items to the following address
The Society for Abandoned Animals
Mosley Acre Farm
Barfoot Bridge
M32 9UP
(our site is positioned along the canal tow path in between Dane Road and Edge Lane. Access by car is from Dane Road, we are signposted as ‘Animal Sanctuary’)

Every Dog Has It’s Day!

And Sunday the 26th of June is no exception! This year’s all Trophy Dog Show and Family Fun Day promises to be a fantastic success with new, never before seen games, a brilliant barbecue (with stuff for the veggies among us too), stalls and prize games galore and not to mention the Dog Show in all its glory!

This year sees a very busy schedule with 7 (yes, 7) classes including Cutest Puppy, Most Amazing Trick and (my personal favorite) Best 6 Legs where our panel of expert judges will look ast not only mans best friend but also his human handler! So ladies, time to get your glad rags on and fellas, well we never could say no to a touch of designer stubble.

The full range of classes will be announced shortly on this blog and on our official website www.saarescue.co.uk so stay tuned! There will be rosettes and certificates awarded to everyone placing 1st 2nd or 3rd in each class with a trophy being awarded to those placing 1st! Your dog will then have its photo taken by one of our brilliant photographers to be included in your winner’s package.

In addition to this the winner of each class will then be entered into the last category of the day, BEST IN SHOW! To win a fantastic huge trophy aswell as a hamper of doggylicious prizes including a voucher for £25 redeemable at Petlife, the UK’s leading supplier of pet bedding and health care.

Gates open at 12PM with the first class (Handsomest Dog) starting at 12:30PM so get here early, we are expecting a fantastic turn out. registration will end 30 minutes before the start of the final class.

Marci Fights Back!!

Rocky, the sanctuary dog, really has been putting himself through a harsh training routine at the gym. It has been discovered that his is now developed his training plan to include other fitness regimes! Our reporters found him hard at work at a Pilates class, working on toning all the necessary muscles ready for his long walkies next sunday!!

“It’s really helped to take the edge off the training.” Rocky told us as he took a break for a bowl of water, “All that running and jogging is really run but I do get tired, I prefer a low impact exercise routine. Pilates is great for that.”

We asked his personal trainer how Rocky’s training was really progressing. “He’s doing really well. He is such a good boy! I have devised a very intensive workout plan for him and as long as he gets a doggy-treat after every session he works really hard!

“There has only really been one incident which I would like to clarify before the press gets a hold of the story. Rocky had been hard at training for most of the afternoon one day last week, its was very hot in the gym so he had quite a bit to drink. Towards the end of the session he started fighting and whimpering and before I could take him outside he…well… relieved himself of a potted plant.”

“I was so ashamed of myself, I really hope it does not affect the amount of sponsorship I’m gaining for the Society for Abandoned Animals” Rocky told us as he gave us the puppy-dog-eyes. You can still sponsor Rocky at http://www.justgiving.com/sfaa2010walk

Meanwhile, our sources tel of a bit of rivalry building up between Rocky and a rival sanctuary animal, Marci the cat! Our reporters managed to catch up to Marci so she could talk us through her preparations for the big walk!

“It’s so unfair that Rocky has had so much time to prepare for the big walk! Why was he told about this over a week ago and I have only just heard now?” Marci hissed to our reporter, “He’s a DOG! Why does he need training? He goes out on walks twice a day!! It’s not like I don’t want to help out the good people at The Society for Abandoned Animals. They rescued me from a fate worse than death!

“Luckily I have been able to get access to a private gym where I can train myself for the walk on my own! I’m a cat! I don’t need a human standing there feeding me treats in order for me to do something! I, unlike Rocky, do not take bribes!!”

It is obvious there is a fierce rivalry between these two sanctuary animals however both are united in their belief that helping to raise money for the Society for Abandoned Animals is a good thing for everyone to be doing!


It has just been announced by representatives of The Society for Abandoned Animals that the person who raises the most money for the big 2010 sponsored walk will receive the grand prize!! An Experience Day for two people!!!! You chose the activity, the day and the place and you will be having the experience of a lifetime!!!! So get fundraising!!!!

(see http://www.saarescue.co.uk for further details or contact us on office@saarescue.co.uk)

Getting In Training For A Wonderful Walk

 Meet Rocky! He’s a loveable-but-large dog with a very big heart! He has decided to put on his walking lead and join in on our sponsored walk coming up on Sunday 10th October here at The Society for Abandoned Animals.

In preparation for the big event, Rocky has been hard at work training for the grueling 5KM walk around the river Mersey and surrounding countryside.  It’s no easy task for a sofa-loving, tv-addict dog who let’s face it, is slightly on the large side! Time at his local doggy gym means he is on his way to a fab new level of fitness!!

“I never thought it would be this hard!” Rocky told us today in an interview with our animal care staff, “I’ve had to get a note from the vet to say I’m fit to participate and my personal trainer is making sure I hit all the right milestones!”

When asked what his motivation for joining the walk was he replied “I have great respect for all at the Society for Abandoned Animals, they all do a fantastic job for all the animals there. It’s such a shame that they are struggling to stay afloat in these difficult times.

“I want to do my bit to help and so I’m dragging myself up out of my doggy bed and getting walking! I know how hard this can be so I would like anyone who does not want to do the walk, or anyone who lives too far away, to sponsor me through my JustGiving page. My target is £1000.00. Oh I hope I manage it!”