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Rabbit Update: Pippi

A while ago we featured a story about a rabbit called Pippi, a beautiful little rabbit who unfortunately suffers from blocked tear ducts. This causes her eyes to become sore and inflamed if left untreated. With some gentle eye bathing when she needs it and the occasional course of metacam and antibiotic eye drops shes as fit as a fiddle and really enjoys human company.

Pippi is still looking for a home where she can live indoors as a single house rabbit as previous bonding attempts have been unsuccessful. Over the past month, Pippi has been living in a foster home where she has been receiving the TLC that she needs to help her deal with a flare up of her condition. She has been thriving in this home and truly enjoys being a house rabbit. She loves human company and is slowly beginning to learn that she can relax whilst being handled.

Pippi has been with us for far too long and is in desperate need of a new loving home. If you think you would be able to provide pippi with the home she so desperately deserves then please contact us on 01619735318, at office@saarescue.co.uk or some down to the sanctuary to chat to our animal care staff.  We can organise for you to view Pippi by appointment and as she is such a special rabbit we would be willing to extend our normal rehoming boundary beyond the existing 1 hours driving distance. Please contact us to find out if we would be able to perform a home check in your area and ask for the Animal Care Manager.