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Rise in Rehoming Despite Recession

The number of animals being offered new homes is increasing at the Society for Abandoned Animals despite the tough economic times.

The rehoming figures for dogs, cats and rabbits are up by around 25% compared to this time last year, which is good news as more animals are being admitted to the sanctuary on a daily basis.

So far this year 13 dogs, 162 cats and 36 rabbits have found new homes after coming into the SAA’s care for a variety of reasons. This time last year, just 111 cats had been offered new homes.

Natasha with two new kittens

The Sanctuary Manager, Natasha Woest, is delighted with the figures: “We’re really pleased that more people across South Manchester are choosing to adopt abandoned animals. Our priority is to ensure the animal will fit in with a new owner’s lifestyle and we can also offer a wealth of advice about caring for a new pet.”

Earlier this year the sanctuary opened its newly refurbished kennels which has boosted the number of dogs the charity can care for.

Natasha says: “We’re delighted that we can offer sanctuary to more dogs as there are so many animals that need our care. We take in animals for all sorts of reasons and with more people needing to downsize or rent we’re taking in pets at an increasing rate. It’s good news for all our supporters and hardworking volunteers that these unwanted animals are finding good homes.”

The support of volunteers has been vital to the SAA’s rehoming success. A big rise in kittens has put pressure on the foster carers as many of the young animals need to be fed by hand several times a day. So far this year 177 cats have been admitted to the SAA, alongside 11 dogs and 49 rabbits.

Caring for that many animals takes time and costs a lot of money. The SAA has been finding new ways to raise money through selling items on Ebay and sponsored challenges. On the 1st September volunteer Darren Richardson walked 60 miles from the sanctuary to Blackpool dressed as a giant dog! Seven volunteers will also be taking on the London to Brighton cycle ride in aid of the SAA on the 16th September.

Closer to home there are always opportunities to donate or pop in to see the charity and take a look at the animals. Our next event is a party to celebrate what would have been the 99th birthday of the charity’s founder Peggy Henderson on the 8th September at the Chorlton Irish Club from 8pm.

Tickets for Peggy’s Birthday Bash cost £10 in advance and £12 on the door. People should email office@saarescue.co.uk to buy them in advance.


Why Is A Dog’s Life So Bad Anyway?

It has been a while since we have been able to help our canine friends here at the Society for Abandoned animals. Our old kennel unit had served its purpose for many years but had become too badly outdated and worn down that we were faced with no other choice but to close it completely while refurbishment were made. Now we are very very close to getting dogs back again and once again fulfilling the wishes of the fantastic woman who founded our charity many moons ago.

Peggy Henderson started off the SAA as a way of feeding the stray dogs that were left to fend for themselves during the housing clearances in South Manchester in the 60s. Her life is a wonderful thing to learn about and we have a few remaining books on her life story available to purchase from our site.

With this mission in mind it never really made sence to us to not have dogs, why wouldn’t we when that was the one species the SAA was founded on? Well soon we will be graced by the incessant barking of happy dogs once again but until then we are still very keen to help rehome as many dogs as possible by less direct methods.

First there was Harvey – The dog that everybody needed but didn’t know it yet. Now there is Alfie. Watch his story…

If you have any questions about Alfie’s campaign or where you can adopt a dog in the Manchester area while we are still dog-less them please leave a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

We don’t think there is anything wrong with Alfie

Year Of The Rabbit

Why is this year the year the chinese year of the rabbit? Well, why not? Rabbits are fantastic!! Every year should be for rabbits if you ask me! Who doesn’t love the sight of a cheeky bunny running round with a scrap of carefully torn newspaper clasped between their little bunny teeth?

Rabbits make fantastic pets and are very easy to look after if you know what you are doing. But beware, they are frail little creatures so you really should do your research before adopting a bunny for the first time. As any good rabbit owner will tell you, myself included, rabbits are simply fabulous to have around regardless of whether they are in a hutch in the garden or in an indoor pen.

We are all just bunny bonkers at the Society for Abandoned Animals!

So why not join us>? Come down for a chart and to view our animals and who knows, maybe you could soon be adopting a brilliant lucky new years bunny!

Here are a few of our rabbits that are still looking for loving homes, all with their own personality quirks and habits! So why not come down and see them in the fur?


<———  **MOONPIG**



 **LEYLAND** ——->



<—– **HOLLY & IVY**




Run Rabbit Run

In the past month the Society for Abandoned Animals have rehomed something in the region of 27 cats to new loving forever homes. As for the rabbits…well, we rehomed 5. That’s FANTASTIC for those 5 bunnies but c’mon guys! Rabbits are just as cool as cats!! Honestly.

Keeping rabbits as pets has seemingly been the realm of children for a long time now. A child would beg its parent to buy the creepy white rabbit with red eyes which, along with the cheapest hutch money can buy, is put in a sunny spot in the back garden to look after itself. Why this became the trend I do not know.

Rabbits are complicated, yet rewarding animals to keep as pets. To get respect and companionship from a rabbit takes effort and when you receive those first appreciative nudges or even a lick, it will feel like such an achievement! They need a hutch that is big enough for their individual size (the bigger the better I say) in a shaded and sheltered spot, the correct type and amount of food, the correct greens as some types of fruit and veg are very bad for rabbits and lots of different toys to keep them entertained!

Having said all that, once you get the correct setup it all simply slots into place and you will have yourself the makings of a perfect rabbit home! Now comes the really difficult part! Choosing your bunny!

There are now lots of rabbit rescue centres around the UK and we are always full at the Society for Abandoned Animals. We have rabbits that would suit most different types of family from ones that are used to being handled and would be good with children, to ones that act much like wild rabbits and would benefit from experienced owners. We also have some requiring ongoing medical treatment that would need very patient and experienced homes.

Above all else the rabbit needs to choose you. Each rabbit has its own personality, likes and dislikes and we discuss all of these with potential adopters. SO! If you think you could give a rabbit a much needed home then please come down for a look. alternatively, if you can provide a home but can make a much needed donation then please visit our ‘just giving’ page below.

Thank you for reading

Contact: office@saarescue.co.uk

Donate: www.justgiving.com/sfaa